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Vancouver WA - Portland Private Investigators

Snelling - Specializing private investigator services for 30+ years, including surveillance, background checks and more. Call 7 days or get help online.

We are 35-year surveillance, fraud, background and private investigation specialists. Most investigators don't have specific training and experience like us. We have providing surveillance, background checks and private investigations and licensed credibility for 30+ years. Our cases are one of the most successful investigations.

We are a regional private investigation firm and we serve the Portland Vancouver metro area, Oregon, Washington State, northern California, Idaho and beyond. Our private investigation headquarters is located in the heart in the Pacific Northwest where we call home since 1970.

Our clients are organizations, businesses, attorneys, investors and individuals. They depend on us for the best strategies for sensitive investigations. They tell us that we get the best results.

Our principal offices is located in Portland and Vancouver WA and we provide private investigation services and background check services in ALL the Pacific Northwest. We are licensed California, Oregon and Washington private investigators when you need expert private investigators.

Our specialties are surveillance, background, legal, fraud, theft and employment investigation and competitive intelligence. We also offer professional background checks and background investigation nationwide and worldwide.

We assist the community with personal fraud, elder and child welfare, infidelity and child custody investigations, asset searches and find family or locate a person as well.

Call our private investigators in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington for a free consultation 7 days a week at 503-646-5101, 360-326-8245 or 877-706-7375 (toll free) and get a quote now.


Surveillance Services, Private Investigation Services & Background Check Services

Our special investigation skills developed over 30+ years combine surveillance, legal and background investigation services as needed for powerful results.

Background Checks in California, Washington State, Oregon, National, International

Business Background Check, Personal Background Check, Advanced Background Investigation
Our private investigator background check services provide complete background checks from simple court record checks to full background investigation, backed by over 30 years as a fraud investigator. We offer background investigation services from employee background check and business background check to personal background check and Internet investigation. Read about our background investigator and background check services.

Private Corporate Investigator for Business Investigation Services

Private Investigator for Corporate Investigation, Employee Investigation, Fraud Investigation Services
Our corporate investigation services include employee background check, vendors background check, company background check, competitive corporate investigation, insurance fraud and employee investigation, including employee retaliation, workers compensation, wrongful termination, employee discrimination and harassment defense and more. Read about our corporate investigator and corporate investigation services.

Legal Investigator for Corporate and Private Investigation Litigation Services

Private Investigator for Legal Investigator, Fraud Investigator & Background Check Services
Our private investigator legal services put surveillance, background, fraud and legal investigation together as needed. Our legal investigator expertise lies in diverse corporate and personal litigation. We offer employee investigation and corporate investigation services, fraud investigation services, child welfare and child custody investigation, divorce trial evidence in proving adultery, credibility investigation, divorce asset check services, other asset investigation and more. Read about our legal investigator and legal support services.

Personal Investigator for Personal Investigation & Personal Background Check Services

Multi-State Licensed Private Investigator Services, Discreet and Confidential
Our personal private investigators services are backed by a private investigation track record since 1978. We offer full personal investigation, whether adultery, infidelity, divorce, child custody, personal fraud, wills and probate or personal litigation. We also search for missing people, conduct dating background check, personal background check, Internet investigation, and personal safety and stalking investigation. Read about our personal investigator and personal investigation services.

Private Investigator Surveillance Services

Private Surveillance Investigator Expertise in Thousands of Cases
Our private investigator surveillance skills are used for corporate investigations, insurance fraud, child welfare, child custody, adultery infidelity and more. Private investigator surveillance techniques are cultivated through advanced surveillance investigator training and surveillance investigator scenarios. Read about our private investigator surveillance services.


Private Investigator Laws for Washington Private Investigators, Oregon Private Investigators
& California Private Investigators:

Unlike multi-state licensed private investigators, a private investigator in Washington State can't cross the border to Oregon unless they are also a licensed Oregon private investigator or have a special Oregon temporary permit in advance. Other licensed private investigators in Oregon and California can't cross state lines unless the client is located in the same state as the private investigator's domicile.

Ask private investigators about their private investigation training and experience, multi-state private investigator privileges and use of subcontract investigators, a private investigator red flag. Think twice about hiring investigators when little experience is required and read our tips to find a private investigator online.

Oregon Private Investigator Laws and License Requirements

• An Oregon private investigator was first required to be licensed in 1998.
• An Oregon private investigator needs 1500 hours (3/4 year) experience and must pass an open book Oregon private investigator exam.
• There is also a "provisional" licensed Oregon private investigator who works without experience with client permission.
• A private investigator in Oregon must have 32 hours of continuing education every two years, including 2 hours of ethics education.
• An out-of-state private investigator in Oregon may investigate for 90 days upon paying a fee. Investigator's residence and case origin must match state of license.
• Oregon private investigators have a reciprocity agreement with California private investigators to cross state lines for up to 60 days, and Oregon private investigators have no reciprocity in any other states.
• An Oregon private investigator must also pass an Oregon background check.

Read more about our Oregon private investigator services.

Washington State Private Investigator Laws and License Requirements

• A Washington private investigator was first required to be licensed in 1992.
• A Washington private investigator agency director needs 3 years varied investigation (no minimum hours) OR must pass a closed book Washington private investigator exam.
• Employees of a Washington private investigator must also be registered and take a brief Washington private investigator test.
• Washington private investigators need no continuing education.
• Washington private investigator laws allows any out-of-state investigator with comparative licensing to cross state lines for 30 days if the case originated the state of licensing.
• A private investigator in Washington does not have reciprocity with any other states and Washington private investigators can cross state lines to Oregon only if they pay a fee first.
• A private investigator in Washington State must also pass a Washington background check.

Read more about our Washington private investigator services.

California Private Investigator Laws and License Requirements

• A private investigator in California was first required to be licensed in 1915.
• A California private investigator principal needs 6000 hours (3 full years) varied investigation and must pass a closed book California private investigator exam.
• A private investigator in California and a private investigator in Oregon may follow a case to each others' state for 60 days.
• California private investigator reciprocity agreements allow limited investigation in Georgia, Florida and Louisiana by a California private investigator if the case originated in California.
• California private investigator legislation was recently passed for continuing education to address California private investigator laws and ethics, including privacy, because of changing laws and technology, and because many retired or other law enforcement personnel enter the profession unprepared to conduct business in the private sector as individuals. The law was vetoed by the governor due to budget restraints.
• California private investigators must also pass a California background check.

Read more about our California private investigator services.

Disclaimer: No information here should be construed as legal advice. For questions of law, consult an appropriate lawyer. For a free consultation from our 30+ year private investigator experts, call our Portland Oregon investigator headquarters now.