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Master Surveillance Investigator with Licensed Expertise since 1978

Private Surveillance - Corporate Surveillance - Undercover Surveillance

"Wow. This is huge. We aren't used to results like these when we contract to other investigators."
SIU Investigator Supervisor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Private Investigator Surveillance & Undercover Surveillance Services

Private Investigator Surveillance Services - Undercover Surveillance - SIU & Insurance Fraud Investigator - Employee Fraud & Theft - Field Employee Investigation - Counter Surveillance Services - Corporate Liability Defense - Competitive & Corporate Intelligence - Corporate Counter Intelligence - Stalking & Personal Safety - Elder & Child Welfare Check - Child Custody Investigator - Integrity & Infidelity Investigator

Consistent private surveillance investigator success is a combination of talent and skill, advanced training and experience in many private sector surveillance scenarios. With over 30 years of licensed private investigator surveillance expertise, we suppose you can call us private surveillance investigator specialists.

Our private surveillance investigator abilities have been refined over thousands of scenarios. Our private investigator surveillance team is specially trained and supervised, backed by decades of private surveillance, and each senior surveillance investigator specialist has years of surveillance expertise. Our private investigator surveillance team knows how to legally produce relevant evidence and remain undetected.

Our surveillance investigator team will consistently produce efficient, effective results for you at a reasonable private investigator cost. We have also rolled back surveillance investigator rates in this economy to assist you and offer special travel discounts.


Private Investigator Surveillance & Undercover Surveillance Services

With years of key senior private surveillance investigator expertise, our private investigator surveillance team is uniquely qualified to provide specialized regional surveillance investigator services in California, Washington and Oregon as follows:

Corporate Surveillance Investigator for Corporate Investigation

Our private investigator surveillance experience in corporate investigation includes employee misconduct and field employee investigation, external and employee theft and fraud investigation, corporate and competitive intelligence, corporate and employer liability investigation and more. Our private investigator surveillance successes in white collar crime have been newsworthy, including evidence against a warehouse manager and a supply chain manager, and a potentially high liability case of identity theft in a hospital employee where inadequate employee background checks were conducted. Read more about our corporate investigator and corporate investigations services.

Insurance Fraud Investigator & SIU Investigator Expert

Our private investigator surveillance abilities as an insurance fraud investigator are written in stone. We offer efficient, effective field due diligence and insurance fraud investigator services, with special programs and rates. We also offer multifaceted legal, insurance and employee investigation to assist you. Our California predecessor agency secured California's first "claimant take nothing" under liberal California laws, greatly influencing the first criminal workers' compensation fraud laws passed there. We have worked for hundreds of private and public entities in a multitude of scenarios up and down the West Coast. We welcome insurance companies, self-insured employers and TPAs to call or email us for more information.

Private Investigator Surveillance for Child Custody, Infidelity, Fraud and More

Our private investigator surveillance specialists offer on-the-ground monitoring and undercover surveillance in elder abuse, child welfare, child custody, adultery, infidelity, anti-stalking, personal safety and personal fraud. Efforts to ensure elder and child health and safety are among our most rewarding cases. Adultery and infidelity are directly linked to credibility, which might have a bearing on divorce proceedings. We work hard to protect our personal clients and are uniquely qualified as an elder, child welfare and child custody investigator, infidelity investigator and consumer fraud investigator to assist you. We accept any legitimate personal case where surveillance might help. Read more about our personal investigation and private investigator services.


Private Surveillance Investigator Red Flags

Some private investigators may tell you any surveillance investigator can help with your surveillance investigator needs. In reality, the more private investigator surveillance training and experience surveillance investigators have, the better your case will fare.

Many surveillance companies train surveillance investigators briefly and then provide no hands-on supervision. In other cases, a surveillance investigator has conducted routine surveillance investigator work, but has no diverse and complex case experience. It is also common for investigators to qualify themselves as surveillance experts based solely on a private investigator license.

Many private investigators will use subcontractors for their surveillance investigator cases, which is a private investigator red flag. Subcontract surveillance investigators may or may not have major training and experience in private surveillance. These surveillance investigators are performing your case at a greater cost to you, for a myriad of reasons.

A private surveillance investigator without proper private investigator surveillance training will make costly mistakes and jeopardize your case, such as doing things unethically or illegally without knowing it or making mistakes to get detected by their subjects.

Unlike most law enforcement officers, a private investigator surveillance specialist usually works alone or in groups of two and doesn't drive a big van unless appropriate (and it rarely is). They are mobile surveillance investigator experts who can often follow a subject for weeks on end without detection. They incorporate legal methods appropriate to acceptable private sector undercover surveillance standards.

A true private investigator surveillance specialist assesses a case with hindsight and foresight, makes sound investigative decisions under the conditions, and gets the best results possible without extraordinary cost. If you trust your case to a private investigator surveillance specialist they can provide efficient, effective results.

Call our private investigator surveillance specialists for your surveillance investigator needs in Oregon, Washington and California 7 days a week at 877-706-7375. For more straight facts about hiring a private surveillance investigator, read our tips to find a private investigator online.