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Behind Our Private Investigation Services

Our private investigation agency was founded as Snelling & Associates in 1987, and revitalized as Snelling Private Investigators & Information Specialists in 2005, with current licensing in Oregon, Washington and California. We practice private investigations in Washington, California and Oregon and background investigations nationally and internationally. Our investigation service has 50+ years of key executive expertise in comprehensive private investigation, legal investigation, fraud investigation, workplace investigation, corporate investigation and competitive intelligence, and personnel and business management.

Our private investigation team has advanced training and hands-on supervision by established experts in private investigation. We are a quintessential private investigation service with top private investigator skills refined by thousands of cases. Our private investigators use proven methods to implement strategy, incorporate a network of current resources and get the best results possible. Our team also possesses intangible qualities, such as objectivity and discretion, communication abilities for all walks of life, sensitivity for all circumstances and inquiring natures that don't take no for an answer. We keep a low profile and protect your confidentiality with a vengeance.

Our Private Investigation Agency Management

Donna L. Snelling

Donna Snelling's history as a surveillance specialist, background investigator, legal investigator and private investigation agency manager spans four decades. She became a licensed California private investigator partner in 1978, qualifying her as among the first USA-licensed female private investigators and female surveillance specialists.

Ms. Snelling has performed and managed countless private investigations. She interned and managed at a major Los Angeles and San Francisco, California fraud investigation agency, and then went forward as partner in another leading San Francisco Bay Area fraud investigation agency, serving hundreds of insurance, corporate and attorney clients. She later established a solo agency on California's central coast, working in behalf of public entities and private companies, and was contractor and lead investigator of a prominent Portland, Oregon private investigation agency.

In addition to surveillance expertise, Ms. Snelling has 30+ years of legal investigation, background investigation and investigative due diligence, and corporate investigation and competitive intelligence skills, with vast experience across social, ethnic and economic groups and a multitude of diverse industries. She has been a certified career college instructor in private investigations and developed and taught background investigation education.

Ms. Snelling is an alumna of Sunset High School and Pacific University in Portland, Oregon.

For a more detailed history, view Donna Snelling's LinkedIn profile.

Kevin D. Garrett

Kevin Garrett has over 20 years of expertise in competitive research and investigation management, professional interview training and management, and personnel and business management.

Mr. Garrett shares responsibility for Snelling's business research and background investigation department since 2007. He is a distinguished professional at handling and managing complex research and investigation. Kevin also helps oversee day-to-day training, supervision and personnel management of field investigators. He is an impressive investigator with a deep knowledge and understanding of field operations, including workplace investigations, brand protection and investigation, and surveillance and fraud investigation.

Prior to 2007, Kevin was Director of Fielding at InfoTek Research Group, Inc., a leading marketing, corporate and competitive intelligence company, where he was responsible for the recruitment, training and management of more than 50 interviewers and supervisors on a daily basis. His decade-long track record covered countless projects and thousands of business and personal interviews, domestically and internationally. He also has a decade of experience as a personnel and business manager in diverse industries from specialty retail to construction.

Mr. Garrett holds a Bachelor of Science from the W.C. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University.

For a more detailed history, view Kevin Garrett's LinkedIn profile.