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Oregon Private Investigator Laws and License Requirements

• An Oregon private investigator was first required to be licensed in 1998.
• An Oregon private investigator needs 1500 hours (3/4 year) experience and must pass an open book Oregon private investigator exam.
• There is also a "provisional" licensed Oregon private investigator who works without experience with client permission.
• A private investigator in Oregon must have 32 hours of continuing education every two years, including 2 hours of ethics education.
• An out-of-state private investigator in Oregon may investigate for 90 days upon paying a fee. Investigator's residence and case origin must match state of license.
• Oregon private investigators have a reciprocity agreement with California private investigators to cross state lines for up to 60 days, and Oregon private investigators have no reciprocity in any other states.
• An Oregon private investigator must also pass an Oregon background check.