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Private Investigator Licenses and References

Our Private Investigator Licensing

Director Donna Snelling is a licensed private investigation professional since 1978. She is among the first licensed female private investigators in the USA. She first practiced private investigations in California in 1977 and the Pacific Northwest in 1993.

Our current private investigator licenses in California since 1987, in Oregon since 2005 and in Washington since 2009 permit us to fully investigate on the West Coast:

Licensed California Private Investigator #12426

Licensed Oregon Private Investigator #33813

Licensed Washington Private Investigator #1740

Professional Private Investigation References

We thank the individuals below for their kindness in providing the following public recommendations:

"Donna Snelling served as lead investigator of my agency during a time when there were no licensed private investigators in Oregon. She has outstanding proficiency in many areas compared to other investigators. I would choose to have Snelling Private Investigators on my side if the need ever arose and often recommend them."

Jim Landon
Private Investigator, Retired
Landon & Associates
Portland, Oregon

“Donna undertook research on behalf of my company during 2011. There were 3 phases to this research and at each stage Donna was able to correctly identify the likely outcome of the research, the timescale and likely cost. Most impressed by Donna's professional ability and the results provided within budget.”

Michael Colacicco
Former Scotland Yard Detective
Harwoods International Ltd.
London, England
0845 0945 209

"I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation in Donna Snelling's behalf. I do so gladly. I can report that Donna is a caring woman who goes out of her way to assist others in need. Donna has been given cases touching in diverse areas of law. Cases handled have been completed within appropriate time frames and confirming documentation has always been provided. Information produced through her efforts has been extremely relevant to the issues at hand."

Charles Denkers
Attorney at Law
Milwaukie, Oregon

"Snelling Private Investigators helped us with some private investigation at a crucial time. Among other things, they uncovered relevant background information that had been unknown to us."

Douglas Bomarito
Attorney at Law
Tigard, Oregon
Law Offices of Douglas Bomarito

“Donna was able to find the person we were looking for and found them within a tight time frame. I recommend her services. Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity”

Dustin Moon
Res Communis Design
Portland, Oregon
Res Communis Design
The Commons

“I was put in contact with Donna for some investigation work I needed doing in the States. I found Donna to be very thorough, fast and above all, accurate in the information provided to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Donna and her company.”

Tony Corrie
Briareus Security Limited
London, United Kingdom

“I am pleased and honored to provide this recommendation. I have known Donna for several years through a large network of private investigators and other professionals. Donna is a very well known and respected investigator, teacher and mentor. Donna has the qualities, experiences and knowledge that any new or seasoned investigator would like to have. I highly recommend Donna and her company to anyone who needs investigative services; her expertise will be an asset to your case.”

John Ecklund
President & CEO
Ecklund & Associates Detective Agency
Lees Summit, Missouri
Ecklund and Associates

"I have known Ms. Snelling since 1997 in both a professional and personal capacity. My first introduction to her was as an instructor for the Private Investigation Course that I had enrolled in through the College of Legal Arts in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Snelling's 20+ years of experience in Private Investigation and her enthusiasm to teach her students properly sparked interest with the students to do a good job and exhaust all avenues open in each case we were assigned. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Snelling."

Kathleen Adams
Sr. Deputy Sheriff Retired
Clatsop County, Oregon