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Legal Investigators for Private Investigator Legal Investigation

Oregon, California & Washington
Legal Investigator Support Services

Private Investigator Legal Support for Corporate & Private Matters
Surveillance Private Investigator - Legal Investigator - Background Investigator - Corporate Private Investigator - Fraud Investigation Service - Insurance Fraud Investigator - Employee Investigation - Employee Background Investigation - Internet Investigation - Personal Investigator - Child Welfare & Child Custody Investigator - Adultery & Infidelity Investigator - Anti-Stalking & Personal Safety - Missing Person Search - Personal Background Check - Asset Investigation

"Cases handled have been completed within appropriate time frames and confirming documentation has always been provided. Information produced through her efforts has been extremely relevant..." Charles Denkers, Attorney at Law

Multifaceted Legal Investigator Support Team

At Snelling Private Investigator & Information Specialists, you can be assured of a professional legal investigator work product. We have provided legal investigator support services for business and industry, insurance companies and attorneys for three decades, and have a reputation for uncovering all the possible issues, including those often overlooked.

You will find you benefit from a legal investigation that includes background checks and profiling, designed to enhance discovery and assess credibility; detailed, relevant interviews and statements; surveillance and undercover skills helpful to produce material evidence; clear and concise summaries that go straight to the issues. No matter how complicated your case may be, you are assured of our diligent determination to assist you.

For a legal investigator to be considered credible, they must be unbiased and make fair and accurate observations. As professionals, our legal investigator services are provided on a case-by-case basis, within conflict of interest limitations, and should be considered unbiased.

We're also available for other legal support services, such as difficult process service and document review and retrieval.

Legal Investigators Combine Interviews, Surveillance and Background Investigation

Our multi-faceted legal investigator and legal support services provide powerful solutions for you and your clients. Many legal investigators focus only on locating and interviewing witnesses. Our legal investigators can provide powerful results through our multi-faceted legal investigation services.

Our multi-faceted legal investigators can get what you need through asking the right investigation questions, video and photographic evidence, discreet but legal and ethical information gathering, and background investigation that's relevant to the issues and goes to the issue of credibility of witnesses and other parties.

To learn more about our legal investigator and legal support services, contact our Portland, Oregon headquarters at 503-646-5101, and feel free to call Donna Snelling personally for an assessment of how our legal investigators can help you in your next case.

Legal Investigation Services for Corporate, Employee & Personal Matters

We offer the following private investigator legal services:

Corporate Legal Support Services

Deceptive Business Practices
Business Fraud Investigation
Investigative Due Diligence
Unfair Competition
White Collar Criminals
Employee Theft Investigations
Identity Theft Investigation
Workplace Violence
Accident Investigations  
Insurance Fraud Investigation
Workers' Compensation Fraud
Photography and Videography
Covert Surveillance
Undercover Investigations
Witness Interviews & Statements
Pre-Trial Preparation

Employee Investigation & Legal Support Services

Employee Investigations
Substance Abuse at Work
Wrongful Termination
Employment Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Violence
Workplace Bullying
Oregon Labor Law Support
Washington Labor Law Support
Photography and Videography
Covert Surveillance
Undercover Investigations
Witness Interviews & Statements
Pre-Trial Preparation

Personal Legal Support Services

Divorce and Asset Investigation
Child Custody and Child Welfare
Elder Abuse and Welfare
Grandparents' Rights
Personal Fraud Investigations
Business Investigations
Deceptive Business Practices
Corporate Fraud Investigation
Civil and Victims' Rights
Photography and Videography
Covert Surveillance
Undercover Investigations
Witness Interviews & Statements
Pre-Trial Preparation