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Corporate Investigator & Corporate Investigation Services

Corporate Investigator: Fraud, Background, Company, Employee

Expert Employee Investigation and Corporate Investigative Services
Corporate Surveillance - Undercover Investigator - Company Background Check - Vendors Background Check - Executive Background Check - Employee Background Check - Managerial Due Diligence - Employee Investigation - Employee Misconduct - Workplace Harassment - Employee Discrimination - Employee Fraud & Theft - White Collar Crime - Fraud Investigator - Insurance Fraud Investigator - Competition Research & Unfair Competition - Competitive & Corporate Intelligence - Legal Investigator Support

"I received your reports, but thought you were doing a great job without our input. I think you covered it." VP, Industrial Corporation, Oregon & Washington

Corporate Investigations Team for West Coast Regional Expertise

Director Donna Snelling has provided corporate investigative services since 1977. She has performed and managed corporate investigations for hundreds of private and public entities. Her corporate investigations experience ranges from employee background check to company background check, from white collar crime to employee fraud and from competitive intelligence and corporate intelligence to counter intelligence.

Businesses find us useful as a corporate private investigator for internal and external corporate investigations, theft and fraud investigation, corporate liability, insurance fraud investigator, corporate fraud investigator, employee investigation, accident investigation and legal investigator support. We also serve as a private corporate investigator for employee, executive, vendor and company background checks, due diligence risks, corporate intelligence, competitive intelligence and counter intelligence.

Corporate investigation services are complicated and affected by many laws. We are not just an expert corporate investigator for corporate investigation services at a time when employee fraud, white collar crime and due diligence risks should be priority topics, but we have the legal investigator and litigation preparation expertise to bring your concerns to their most effective investigative solutions. We look forward to introducing you to our corporate investigators and corporate investigations solutions.


Our Employee, Corporate & Background Check Investigations

With 50+ years of combined key executive expertise in legal investigations, surveillance investigations and fraud investigations; employee investigations and corporate investigations; due diligence risks, competitive & corporate intelligence; and personnel, project and business management, our corporate private investigator services offer outstanding expertise in the following corporate investigations specialties:

Employee Investigation and Other Workplace Investigations

Employee Investigation & Corporate Investigation Specialists
Our corporate investigations and employee investigations are backed by longtime experience in complicated workers' compensation investigation combined with employee investigation and our corporate investigations key executive staff includes a 20-year personnel management expert. We investigate concerns about unsafe workplace, employee discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination, employee misconduct and more.

Our corporate investigations experience extends to workplace investigations outside the corporate setting. We've monitored construction workers with frolic concerns, salespeople who deviated off course during the work day, employees on extended sick pay while looking for other work and more. Our corporate investigations expertise provides the legal evidence to bring cases to their most successful conclusion. While corporate investigation services by internal security or human resource departments may be considered biased, you can rely on our corporate private investigator services.

Corporate Fraud and Employee Theft & Fraud Investigator

Corporate Investigations for External and Employee Fraud and Theft
Our corporate investigations white collar crime and blue collar fraud successes have been newsworthy and our abilities to expose workers' compensation fraud written in stone. High profile cases have included evidence of managers' white collar crime and other employee fraud and theft, and high liability employee identity theft where inadequate employee background checks were conducted.

Our corporate investigations surveillance and undercover abilities have been developed over many years. We incorporate discreet investigation methods legally and appropriately and have a reputation for efficiently uncovering abuses. The forerunner of our corporate investigation services secured California's first "claimant take nothing" under liberal laws, influencing the first criminal workers' compensation fraud laws there.

Company Background Check, Competition & Corporate Investigation

Due Diligence Risks, Corporate Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence
Our corporate investigations staff knows business success comes through hard work and the protection of business interests. Our corporate investigation services can assess corporate intelligence risks, such as key employee departures and competitive and corporate intelligence breaches. Our corporate investigation services can also assess the competition to determine if unfair competition or other deceptive business practices exist.

Our corporate investigators provide video and photographic evidence; discreet, legal and ethical information gathering; and background checks relevant to issues and credibility. We will work with your legal counsel to assess the situation and legally represent you.

Employee Background, Vendor Background & Company Background Check Services

Employee, Vendor & Executive Background Checks and Due Diligence Risks
Corporate stability includes corporate investigator background checks for company background check, vendor background check and employee background check services. Our corporate investigation services provide current databases and an on-the-ground corporate investigations team for hard-to-find information, site assessments, compliance and other field investigation for employee and due diligence risks.

Our corporate investigations offer standard to in-depth employee investigation to assess employee integrity. The public record and court record systems and background check laws vary from state to state and our corporate investigations staff have extensive regional knowledge. Our due diligence risk support includes customer, vendor, competitor and employee interviews, as well as standard compliance and on-site business checks.


Corporate Investigations and Information Services Checklists

Below please find some of the corporate investigation services we offer:

Corporate Investigation Services

Corporate Investigation Services Include:

Internal & External Fraud and Theft
Assumed Identity and Identity Fraud
Corporate Liability Investigation
Personal Injury Investigation
Insurance Fraud Investigation
Unsafe Workplace Investigations
Alleged Discrimination and Harassment
Alleged Wrongful Termination
Alleged Employee Frolic & Deviation
Corporate Intelligence & Counter Intelligence
Corporate Counter Intelligence
Due Diligence Risks (compliance, reputation, field)
Competitive Intelligence
Deceptive Business Practices
Surveillance and Undercover
Witness Interviews and Pretrial Preparation
Workers' Compensation, FELA, FECA

Company Background Check, Employee Background Check
and Informational Corporate Investigation Services

Employee Background Check & Company Background Check Services Include:

Employment Screening
Criminal History Checks
Executive Background Check
Vendor Background Check
Company Background Check
Executive Background Check
Due Diligence Investigation (non-financial)
Competition Research
Identity Theft and Fraud
Employee Background Investigation